Our Mission

About Our Mission

The mission of the Check. Change. Control.® Leadership Community is to:

  • Increase awareness of the connection between high blood pressure and risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Drive innovative approaches in healthcare system for high blood pressure management
  • Increase high blood pressure diagnoses among the at risk
  • Increase consumers’ control of high blood pressure

Leadership Objectives

Equipping Providers

Providers want to do what is best for patients with high blood pressure, but a variety of challenges often stand in the way of providing comprehensive, ongoing care to help patients manage their condition. More emphasis should be placed on prevention, and detection through improved communication between the provider and the patient.

Motivating Consumers

One of the greatest opportunities for improved blood pressure management lies in the hands of consumers themselves. Consumers that are more engaged in the process, more aware of their risks, and motivated to take action can have an enormous impact on their own health. Technology, including the use of connected health devices can play a significant role in taking the first steps to DETECT – CONNNECT – CONTROL. TM

Activating Communities

Every community, no matter how big or small, has manpower and infrastructure that can support and sustain efforts to improve blood pressure control. Community settings, such as faith-based organizations, barbershops, community centers, and retail pharmacies can leverage resources, integrating them with local healthcare providers.

Enhancing Systems of Care

It will be impossible to effect large-scale change if clinics and medical practices – and even entire communities – work in isolation. No single stakeholder has all of the answers, but by working together, sharing innovative solutions and communicating, the system can be enhanced, benefitting all.