NEW Community-Clinical Linkages Toolkit unveiled to reduce cardiovascular disease

Heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases kill more than 800,000 Americans each year, accounting for one in every three deaths. Public health departments can help change this by collaborating with community partners and the clinical sector through community-clinical linkages.

Research has shown community-clinical linkages to improve clinical outcomes in heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and asthma. Community-clinical linkages also have been shown to improve behavioral changes in nutrition, physical activity, diabetes self-management, smoking cessation and medication adherence.

The Million Hearts® Collaboration, American Heart Association and other stakeholders have unveiled a new Community-Clinical Linkages Toolkit to help public health practitioners develop and strengthen effective community-clinical linkages.

The Toolkit organizes an array of resources in a handy grid format to help public health practitioners implement the seven step-by-step strategies that are highlighted in the Community-Clinical Linkages Practitioner’s Guide under the LINKAGE framework. It provides resources that were obtained from state- and local-level organizations to help implement each of these strategies. Users will find resource lists, white papers, case studies, examples of referral forms and clinic check-off lists, among other things.

Don’t delay, check out the new Community-Clinical Linkages Toolkit today!

Join the Million Hearts® Partner call on Tuesday, July 31, to learn about community-clinical linkages, how they advance the goal of Million Hearts®, and how the new Toolkit can be used.