2017 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge

Enter the Million Hearts 2017 Hypertension Control Challenge
Today, health systems and professionals are equipped with the knowledge and technology to help patients manage high blood pressure more effectively than ever before. Still, high blood pressure contributes to more than 1,100 deaths in the United States each day and puts millions at risk for heart disease and stroke.

About 1 in 3 American adults—75 million people—have high blood pressure and nearly half of them don’t have it under control. One in six adults with high blood pressure aren’t even aware they have it, despite having health care coverage, being treated with medicine, and seeing their doctor regularly.

Fortunately, we know that better blood pressure control is achievable. Since its launch, Million Hearts® has recognized 59 Hypertension Control Champions for their success in attaining a blood pressure control rate of at least 70 percent among their patients with high blood pressure through the smart use of health information technology, innovative communication techniques, and implementation of a team approach to health care.

Now we challenge health systems, practices, and professionals across the nation to reach or exceed that target by prioritizing hypertension control, implementing evidence-based approaches, and striving for excellence. The 2017 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge is now open to health professionals, practices, and health systems that achieve hypertension control rates greater than 70 percent over a 12-month period.

Please help us spread the word about this challenge and the importance of hypertension control

  • The Challenge is open through 11:59 p.m. ET on June 2, 2017. If you see patients and are currently at 70% blood pressure control or better, please apply.
  • Encourage other high-performing small and large practices to compete in the 2017 Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Challenge at http://bit.ly/2nKW5qA.
  • Spread the word by placing the Challenge badge on your website homepage or in your e-mail signature between April 7 and June 2, 2017.

The 2017 Champions will be announced at http://millionhearts.hhs.gov in fall 2017.

  • For more information on rules and eligibility requirements, please visit http://bit.ly/2okwZRq.
  • Questions about the Challenge should be directed to millionhearts@cdc.gov with “Challenge” in the subject line.

Together, we can achieve a nationwide blood pressure control rate of 70 percent or better, preventing tens of thousands of cardiac events and strokes and the disabilities they cause and saving billions of dollars in medical costs each year. Take the Challenge to become one of the next Hypertension Control Champions!

Source: Hypertension Control Champions

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