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PharmaSmart®, headquartered in Rochester, NY, USA, is a world leader in the design, production and distribution of clinically validated blood pressure monitoring systems to assist in the management of hypertension. Our technology also supports the management of obesity and diabetes. Our products and services are used by pharmacies, worksites and medical clinics across North America, administering over 65 million blood pressure screenings each year.

Utilizing a patented, HIPAA Compliant Health IT process and advanced “Smart Card” technology, our network of PharmaSmart kiosks revolutionize the way biometric data is managed — improving chronic disease awareness, prescription compliance, and physician reporting. PharmaSmart’s Blood Pressure Tracker™ web portal and integrated Health IT solutions allow doctors, pharmacists and patients a seamless process to access and share patient vitals through a turnkey interoperable platform.

PharmaSmart® is committed to advancing care provided by the pharmacist. We help our community pharmacy partners to deliver an enrollment based chronic disease management program that sets a new clinical standard aimed at controlling Blood Pressure. The PharmaSmart program offers a new platform for patients, physicians, pharmacists and health plans to collaboratively improve outcomes and reduce overall health costs, while driving new reimbursement models in line with the Affordable Care Act.

 PharmaSmart Model – PS 2000 (D)estination™

PharmaSmart® also serves major worksites, military bases, University Schools of Pharmacy, hospitals and medical clinics.

PharmaSmart’s PS DataSmart® Health IT Server currently holds more than 40 million targeted patient blood pressure readings while registering roughly 1,000,000 new readings per month.


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  • “Blood Pressure Kiosks are used 1 million times every day in the United States, usually in community pharmacy. Most kiosk devices are not trusted by physicians or pharmacists due to documented accuracy concerns. Because of our recognized validity and patented universal cuff technology, PharmaSmart® has altered the scope, and the healthcare potential, of self-measured blood pressure in the community. Leveraging our unique interoperable Health IT platform, PharmaSmart® is delivering on its mission to coordinate the patient, their physician, and their pharmacist in the co-management of blood pressure. We are proud to be working with the American Heart Association to improve the quality of blood pressure measurement, and the rates of blood pressure control in the USA.”

    Fred Sarkis II
    CEO, PhamraSmart International