Measure Up/Pressure Down™

The Measure Up/Pressure Down™ national high blood pressure campaign joined the American Heart Association’s Check. Change. Control. High Blood Pressure Leadership Community shortly after the campaign launch in November 2012.

As the first initiative of the American Medical Group Foundation’s Chronic Care Challenge, Measure Up/Pressure Down™ challenges medical groups, health systems, patients, employers, and the entire nation to work towards achieving significant improvements in high blood pressure – a leading cause of heart disease and stroke. The campaign leverages the coordinated care delivery systems of nearly 150 American Medical Group Association members —including Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and Mayo Clinic — to improve care. Concurrently, it taps the resources and reach of national partners (including the American Heart Association) and sponsors to raise awareness among patients with high blood pressure, the risks it poses, and what people can do to prevent and manage it. The Chronic Care Challenge will address additional chronic diseases in future campaigns.

In the first two quarters of 2013, a select number of our medical groups saw 4% relative improvement in control—which means that 30,000 more patients with high blood pressure are now in control thanks to Measure Up/Pressure Down™.

AMGA’s Commitment to AHA

Since beginning the collaboration, Measure Up/Pressure Down™ and the American Heart Association have worked together to promote blood pressure control and improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 2020. Specific activities have included:

  • Campaign presentation by Dr. Jerry Penso, AMGA’s Chief Medical and Quality Officer, at the Check. Change. Control. High Blood Pressure Leadership Community Summit in November 2013 (see photo)
  • Promotion of American Heart Association resources on the Measure Up/Pressure Down™ website and social media accounts
  • Webinar presentation by the American Heart Association about patient engagement tools, self-management monitoring, and resources to Measure Up/Pressure Down™ medical groups
  • Monthly blog posts by Measure Up/Pressure Down™ on the High Blood Pressure Leadership Community explaining eight evidence-based care practices (“campaign planks”) that providers can implement to improve blood pressure control rates
  • Joint policy efforts around cardiovascular health and patient care
  • Participation with the American Heart Association’s Mid-Atlantic Affiliate’s Mission Committee based in metropolitan Washington, DC

Source: Measure Up/Pressure Down™

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  • “As a partner organization, the American Heart Association has witnessed firsthand the successful efforts of Measure Up/Pressure Down™ in its inaugural year. As we work to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans by 2020, we are confident that our collaboration with AMGA FOUNDATION and its medical groups will continue to move the needle in hypertension control.”

    Mariell Jessup, MD
    President, American Heart Association


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    Monthly Measure Up/Pressure Down® webinars feature speakers from leading health organizations delivering best practices knowledge and resources for improving care and outcomes for patients with hypertension. Archived recordings are available for free online.
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