About HealthCrowd
Building on a pilot collaboration in 2012, HealthCrowd joined the American Heart Association’s Check. Change. Control. High Blood Pressure Leadership Community during the November 2013 Leadership Summit.  HealthCrowd’s mobile patient engagement platform utilizes intelligent, persuasive, and targeted mobile messages to engage with patients across the US to positively impact health over a range of conditions and settings including cardiac rehab, diabetes, smoking cessation, and weight management.  HealthCrowd has had noted success in cardiology care and was cited by the inaugural winner of the ACC CardioSmart patient award as being a factor in his successful recovery.  Their solution allows patients to be sent brief, interactive SMS messages focused on improving the patient’s disease knowledge, self-efficacy, and clinical outcomes.  Messages focused on shaping health behaviors such as physical activity, healthy eating, and medication adherence leverage the ubiquity, immediacy, and compelling nature of mobile messaging to bring about real change.
HealthCrowd’s mobile engagement platform uses tools and techniques similar to those used in the online ad industry to help clients, such as AHA, define campaign goals and optimize outreach to target audiences.  A growing number of healthcare providers and payors alike are finding HealthCrowd’s mobile messaging to be a highly effective and efficient way to activate patients to make small but important changes in their health behaviors.
HealthCrowd and the American Heart Association are working to develop a text messaging approach for a national blood pressure program, applying health messaging best practices to at-risk populations. This page will continue to be updated as program details emerge.
HealthCrowd's Commitment to AHA

As part of this collaboration, HealthCrowd will:

  • Partner with AHA on a national high blood pressure campaign to positively impact the lives of thousands of Americans.

  • Provide our platform for intelligent, bi-directional mobile messaging and data analytics to gather and better understand population sentiment around important determinants of high blood pressure.


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We applaud the American Heart Association both for tackling the vexing problem of control of high blood pressure, and for using new channels such as mobile messaging to reach and more effectively engage people in their daily lives.
Neng Bing Doh
Co-Founder and CEO, HealthCrowd

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