Check. Change. Control. impacting San Antonio patients

As one of the country’s most diverse cities, San Antonio’s majority Hispanic population is ideal for high blood pressure programs like Check. Change. Control.

Here’s a snapshot of the most recent results among the nearly 15,000 patients registered for the program in San Antonio:

  • The “Outcomes from the Check. Change. Hypertension Initiative in San Antonio” showed that 41 percent of 7,520 CCC participants managed and controlled their blood pressure and 97 percent consistently took their medication. You can view more details of the study, conducted by University Health System and funded by the Max & Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Foundation.
  • Thanks to the Humana Foundation, the San Antonio Collective Impact team expanded its reach this year and engaged churches — adding 7,500 people in CCC through the CCC Challenge.

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