Heart attacks may increase after flu diagnosis, study says

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The flu may trigger heart attacks, according to a recent study. The research was the first time a study looked at laboratory tests and showed a conclusive link. The Canadian study found a six-fold increase in heart attacks shortly after people were diagnosed. Researchers looked at 19,729 adult cases of lab-confirmed flu from

EHR Data Reveal Striking Racial, Ethnic Disparities in Hypertension

By HEALTHCARE ANALYTICS NEWS When investigators for Kaiser Permanente’s research arm wanted to examine what is driving racial and ethnic differences in hypertension rates, they turned to the institution’s sprawling supply of electronic health records (EHR). There, they combed through data from more than 4 million patients, aiming to explore the prevalence of the condition

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Announcing the 2018 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge

Dear Colleague: Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen tremendous progress among health systems and health professionals helping patients manage high blood pressure by using innovative, evidence-based tools and protocols. While these efforts are promising, we still have a long way to go: High blood pressure contributes to more than 1,100 deaths in the United

Things to know: Older Americans and blood pressure

By America Heart News Because of its extremely high prevalence, hypertension is a leading cause of preventable death and a contributor to premature disability and institutionalization in seniors. Reviews by medical experts of a raft of studies showed that the risk of heart attacks, strokes and death can be reduced in adults older than 65

6 Signs Of High Blood Pressure You Should Know About

Posted by Women’s Health There are some things that are hard to commit to memory: your mother-in-law’s birthday, how much milk is left in the fridge, and your last blood pressure reading, to name a few. But over half of all Americans will experience high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association. And considering that

You Should Never Believe These Myths About High Blood Pressure

Posted by The Cheat Sheet We all know heart disease is one of the leading killers in America, and high blood pressure can certainly contribute to your risk. But how much do you know about hypertension, really? For one, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds us one out of every three adults has high blood pressure, and

More than 100 million Americans have high blood pressure, AHA says

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The number of Americans at risk for heart attacks and strokes just got a lot higher. An estimated 103 million U.S. adults have high blood pressure, according to new statistics from the American Heart Association. That’s nearly half of all adults in the United States. “With the aging of the

LAPD officer steps up commitment to his health

by Nancy Brown, CEO of the American Heart Association, the nation’s oldest and largest voluntary organization fighting cardiovascular diseases, including stroke. In the South Central area of Los Angeles, the Harvard Park neighborhood has long had a reputation as one of the toughest neighborhoods in LA County. But things are changing. In September, the Los Angeles

Zoomed-in photo of the dial of blood pressure cuff.

Health department to install over 300 bp kiosks across the city

Posted by the New York Post It’s easy to get your blood pressure up in New York — and now the city wants to measure how high in an effort to save your life. The Health Department plans to install 300 self-measuring blood pressure kiosks across the five boroughs over the next three years, officials