New health trackers warn of heart-attack risk, discreetly

Mike Feibus, Special for USA TODAY A new generation of apps and wearables is emerging with the ability to monitor vital signs crucial to spotting heart problems, giving us and our doctors powerful new weapons to fight stroke and heart disease. Just last week, Apple revealed it would be testing, along with Stanford Medicine, an Apple

Interactive Digital Interventions Help Patients Control High Blood Pressure

The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) recommends the use of interactive digital interventions to improve blood pressure control in patients with high blood pressure. Interactive digital interventions for blood pressure control provide self-management information and support through the use of a computer, smartphone, telephone, or other hand-held device. The digital component must be interactive while patients

Medication and blood pressure meter

Tips to keep blood pressure in check this holiday season

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The holidays can be filled with everything from family visits, traveling and festive meals to illness and financial concerns. For the millions of American adults with high blood pressure, these changes and stressors can lead to drastic fluctuations in blood pressure that can increase risk for heart attack or stroke. These