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Family History Of HBP Focuses Trainer’s Mission On Heart Health

Celebrity trainer Scott Parker works with clients across the globe eager to lose weight, build stamina and sculpt muscles. After watching his father struggle with severe hypertension, he makes sure controlling high blood pressure is also on their list. Parker, who is based in Los Angeles, never personally struggled with high blood pressure, but has

Enter the Million Hearts 2017 Hypertension Control Challenge

2017 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge

Today, health systems and professionals are equipped with the knowledge and technology to help patients manage high blood pressure more effectively than ever before. Still, high blood pressure contributes to more than 1,100 deaths in the United States each day and puts millions at risk for heart disease and stroke. About 1 in 3 American

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High Blood Pressure Linked To Racial Segregation In Neighborhoods

Article posted by the National Institutes of Health on May 15, 2017. Living in racially segregated neighborhoods is associated with a rise in the blood pressure of black adults, while moving away from segregated areas is associated with a decrease — and significant enough to lead to reductions in heart attacks and strokes, a National

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To Bring Down Stubbornly HBP, It Helps To Have A Team

You’ve probably heard the phrase “it takes a village” to get things done. Many clinics across the U.S. are finding that’s true for effectively controlling their patients’ high blood pressure. “It’s not just medications that are required to treat hypertension,” explains Kirk Evoy, a clinical assistant professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center

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Home BP Monitors May Not Be Accurate Enough

(Reuters Health) – Even as doctors are increasingly relying on home blood pressure monitoring to manage patients with hypertension, many of the devices are too inaccurate to be useful, according to a small study.

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More People Hospitalized For Hypertensive Emergency In Last Decade In U.S.

Posted by United Press International on April 20, 2017. April 20 (UPI) — A new study shows an increase in hospitalization for hypertensive emergency while at the same time revealing a reduction in deaths from hypertension over the last 10 years. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease with nearly