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Bend It Like Beckham! Playing Football May Reduce HBP In Women

Posted by Hindustan Times (India) on January 25, 2017. Suffering from high blood pressure? Playing football may be just as effective as tablets in lowering the condition, researchers say. Undergoing football fitness training may also help improve physical fitness, decrease body fat percentage and strengthen bones in women, said researchers from the University of Southern

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Can A Coin In The Wrist Help Cut Your High Blood Pressure?

Article posted by The Daily Mail (U.K.) on January 23, 2017. Discs the size of 10p coins are being implanted into patients’ wrists to control high blood pressure. The discs emit pulses of electricity to stimulate nerves in the arm — these then transmit signals to the blood pressure control centres in the brain. Initial

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17 Million U.S. Adults May Have Tough-To-Spot HBP

Posted by U.S. New and World Report on January 19, 2017. THURSDAY, Jan. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) — You get your blood pressure checked at your doctor’s office, and it reads in the normal range. You’re fine, right? Well, maybe not. A new study suggests that 17 million American adults may have what doctors call

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HBP May Not Be All Bad In The Elderly: Study

Posted by United Press International. TUESDAY, Jan. 17, 2017 — Developing high blood pressure in very old age may provide some protection from dementia, a new study suggests. In middle age, high blood pressure — also called hypertension — boosts dementia risk later in life, said study lead researcher Maria Corrada. It also raises your

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Personalized Treatment For Those In Blood Pressure ‘Gray Zone’

Posted by Medical XPress on January 17, 2017. Using data from a national study, Johns Hopkins researchers determined that using heart CT scans can help personalize treatment in patients whose blood pressure falls in the gray zone of just above normal or mild high blood pressure. Previously, the appropriate blood pressure treatment for these patients

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Blacks, Hispanics Less Likely To Control HBP

Posted by AHA News on January 17, 2017. Blacks and Hispanics are less likely than whites to control their high blood pressure, according to a new study. Researchers looked at data of 8,796 adults with high blood pressure in the 2003-12 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Participants were considered to have high blood pressure

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AHA President Concerned By New Blood Pressure Treatment Guideline

Posted by AHA News on January 16, 2017. A new guideline published Monday recommends less-aggressive blood pressure treatment for many people, guidance the American Heart Association’s president said could actually increase their risk for major health problems. The guideline from the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Family Physicians, published in the


Blood Pressure Before Pregnancy Could Predict Baby’s Sex

A new report shows maternal blood pressure in pre-pregnancy could be a predictor of the sex of the baby. Posted by United Press International on January 12, 2017. TORONTO, Jan. 12 (UPI) — A study from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto has found that maternal blood pressure before pregnancy could be a predictor of the

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Why Blood Pressure Is Rising Worldwide

Posted by Time on January 10, 2017. One U.S. adult out of every three has high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. But the number of people with elevated blood pressure, not yet in the high range, is much higher. According to a new analysis published in the Journal of

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YMCA BP Monitoring Program Helps Prevent Heart Disease And Stroke

Article posted by News4 Jacksonville on January 4, 2017. JACKSONVILLE, Fla – High blood pressure affects 75 million Americans. Many patients are aware of the problem but they don’t control it through monitoring, medication, or lifestyle changes. The YMCA is committed to helping educate people on how to lead a healthier life.The self-monitoring program empowers